Need info on building a low power system

ok so im planning to build a new system inshAllah which consumes very low power , similar to that of a notebook

the reason im building this system is because where i live there are electricity outages and i need a system which can run for a long time on my UPS, hence the low power requirement

the reason i dont simply buy a notebook is becauese i want that system to have a pci - express (2.0) slot on which i can mount a heave graphics card so that i can do heavy gaming on that computer and that so i can switch between built in graphics and the graphics card graphics depending on whether there is an electricity outage or if its all good..

my main use (other then gaming) are browsing, watching videos, doing some programming, using microsoft Office related products, etc, nothing that would require to much computing power..

so any suggestiong? is there a way i can use like notebook processors, ram , etc but there be a pci express slot for a desktop graphics card or somehitng :D
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  1. This is a good place to start -,2551.html

    Add a modern card like the gtx 460 or HD 5850 (the best performance/watt cards out there, but will still increase power draw quite a bit). Also you will have to select a different power supply, like the Corsair 550VX. Get the i5 760 instead of 661.

    You could build a similar priced AMD giving about similar performance, but with a bit more power consumption.
  2. thanks for the info.. although that build is kinda expensive for me.. i was planning to go for this build..

    Core i3 530 & Asus P7H55
    2 (or 4) gb ddr3 (2 sticks if 4gb 1 stick if 2gb)
    one 7200rpm hard disk (320 of 500 gb)
    and no additional cooling and stuff.

    can u give me an estimate or where can i find an estimate of the idle and peak power consumption of my systems or these components. if u give the components consumption, then i guess after about 70 percent efficiency of the power supply we can calculate the system consumption.

    also is there a way to switch between integrated graphics and ur attached graphics card. and is this feature available in both ati and nvidia? if so which models? and do u need to restart the PC for that or can u do it while the PC is running.
  3. bump...sorry if we arent allowed to bump :/..
  4. most motherboards are capable of switching between onboard and discrete graphics based on what you are doing at the moment, but the graphics card must be of the same manufacture as the onboard.

    for absolute minimum power usage, an Atom 330 or 520, or NVidia Ion netbook/nettop would use the very least power, but that also would have lousy game performance.
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