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My G15 v1 (blue, tiltable display) is getting old. I am thinking of replacing it and the G19 is an option. Now I would like some feedback from people who went from a G15 to a G19.

1. Backlighting:

The G15 v1 has greyish key labels that don't show much contrast in "daylight" conditions. With dimmed lights (gaming conditions), the blue backlighting is very faint even at max; grey on black doesn't work; the backlighting is so faint that I see the label even less than in daylight. Add the Nvidia 3D-Vision goggles and the keyboard is just a black rectangle. And no, it's not dirt :).

The pictures I see on the official site, of the G19 and the amber G15 v2 show some very bright backlighting, like neon lights. How would these compare to the G15 v1? Are they really that bright IRL? For comparison, when I turn off the lights, I can barely see any backlighting on my keys.

2. Screen Size:

The only thing I need the display for is the LCDSirReal plugin. I have it all there, system, network, fps, stopwatch, etc. From the G19 photos I figured that the G19 screen, even though it has twice the G15's screen resolution, is half the size (about 3x F-Keys). Doesn't this put a bit of strain on the eyes? Can you cram as much information into this screen as LCDSirReal displays on the G15 and still be able to read it?

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  1. Almost every build I have done this year has either a G15 or G19. I only have them for afew days before they leave but I gotta say, I can't remember any significant differences between them. I use them to display CoreTemp readings while setting up the overclocks. Ya might also wanna check out the G510

  2. But they are using the new G15 v2, right? How bright are the keys? I can barely see them on my G15 v1.

    The G510 looks weird. Like a mix between the G19 and and the G15 v1. But from the looks of it, it has a small black and white screen the same size as the G19, e.g. no color, low resolution, and smaller than that of the G15. I wonder how LCDSirReal would look on this one.
  3. The G15's have a monochrome display.. Compartively, the G19 has a colour display and a very high price tag.. Apart from that, I can't think of much differences.. I personally own the G15 ver. 2.. The orange backlight looks awesome and plenty bright even in the daylight (though I turn them off during that time quite obviously)..
  4. In reply to my own post, in case anyone would wonder about the same things. I bought a G19 to replace my G15 v1, so here goes:

    The backlighting is MUCH brighter than on the old G15. At the same time, it is not like on the marketing pictures, it is not as bright and blinding as neon lights. Just perfect, prefectly visible in daylight as well as in very dim lights. I am very happy about this.

    Re: screen size.
    It is about half the width of the G15 screen. But since it also has a much brighter backlighting as well as a better resolution, nothing is lost, on the contrary. In "emulation mode", the good old G15 LCDSirreal uses about about half the height of the smaller G19 screen, yet is much more readable. For the G19 SirReal has made a framework that allows one to draw his own panel, with a rather easy to use drag and drop interface. An example of what can be done is here:


    Work in progress, blah-blah-blah. I've crammed twice as much stuff in there as there is in LCDSirReal, and it is still very readable. The real size of the image is 50mm x 36mm.

    The keyboard is a bit smaller. There are less G-keys, and they are closer to the rest of the keyboard. The Esc key and the string of F-keys are farther to the left, so I keep hitting F1 at the spot where Esc was. I hope to get used to it soon.

    So, to sum things up, at the moment, beside the keyboard size issue, I think that it was worth every cent of the 128€ I paid for it.
  5. Not sure if you have an older version of the G15, but mine glows kinda orange/red. It is dim in laylight but still very readable. I have not used the 19 but love my g15 and would buy again if I needed to. Might look at newer G15 and see if it dosent fit your needs.

  6. Rotorgeek said:
    Not sure if you have an older version of the G15, but mine glows kinda orange/red. It is dim in laylight but still very readable. I have not used the 19 but love my g15 and would buy again if I needed to. Might look at newer G15 and see if it dosent fit your needs.


    Like I said, I had the v1 G15 with blue lighting. Besides the better backlighting that the never G15 has, it looks inferior in every other way to the v1. Anyway, G15s are a thing of the past now.
  7. The G15 is outdated. There is a newer keyboard from Logitech that combines the look of the G15 v2 with the color changing of the G13 Gamepad and the 18 G-Key's of the G15 v1. That is the G550 Keyboard. Only costs $20 more then a G15 v2. At least at the Best Buy I work at.

    One thing about the G19 of note is the fact that it has it's own power cord so the USB ports on it are fully powered and can run things like the G13 Gamepad where as the passive USB ports on the G15 (and from the packaging, the G550 also) can not. The instructions on the G13 I bought even say specifiably that the G15's passive ports can't provide the power the G13 needs to run.
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