[SOLVED] PNY nvidia gtx 470, emachine T6528 install

Purchased a nvidia PNY gtx470 1280mb pci-e x16 card for the emachine T6528. Card was not reconized and therefore unable to install the software. Contacted PNY and they gave us a few registry entries to force the card to be reconized. Did not work, took the card out and put it in a emachine T6524 and it worked beautiful. The nvidia 512mb pci-e card in the T6524 was put into my T6528 pci-e x16 slot and worked great. Both emachines run windows xp pro media center 4gigs ram, 2.0GHz AMD 64 processor, and 2000mHz fsb. T6528 1200watt ps, and the T6524 550watt ps. Very fast and smooth machines. The T6528 has any and all current drivers installed for all that I was aware of. Bios is set to pci and enabled. Any help on what else that may have been overlooked and possibly needed to get the GTX470 card to work in the T6528 would be appreciated.

Edit: 26JUL10:
Anyone else out here with a eMachine T6528 that installed a nVidia GEForce GTX470 (PNY Technology), and had problems with recognizing the card ... help would be appreciated.

Edit: 28JUL10:
Still hunting for a measureable give on this ... I have dwnld'd current drivers from nVidia for this PNY GEForce GTX 470 from nVidia and installed as per PNY website (disregarding the info sent with card) and still fails to be recognized in the T6528.
Anyone having any instance of installation issue(s) related (relative) to my situation, an advise would be greatly appreciated ... anything, but I'm not desparate just down on PNY Technologies! ;)

Edit: 31Jul10
Was able to obtain a solution, all is good now, card is working, thanks anyway for my unanswered by anyone here question(s) post.
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  1. If you don't mind telling, what exactly was your solution? I could use the help? Thanks

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