Pc wont boot up just stays at motherboard screen

I'm having a bit of a computer problem. I recently built a computer for my little brother out of left over parts from one of my previous builds. everything was a used part except for the graphics card which is a brand new GTS 450 and the case itself. every part was working properly before i upgraded and replaced them. when i put the computer together everything went very smoothly but after a couple days it started having problems. it would turn on but there would be no video. or it would turn on and it would not move past the Mobo screen. now one thing i will mention when i was doin my upgrades and moving from these parts the power supply was starting to make noises and the one fan in it was starting to die (i.e spinning slowly) and it was still doing that when i put everything together. and the other thing i will mention is that when it does power up to the motherboard screen and will not go further i will not get power to my mouse or my keyboard cause it will not let me enter bios. I am hoping that its just the PSU and not a mobo problem. i am planning on tryin to boot with my psu in my comp that i know works perfectly tomorrow but i thought i would just put this out there and get some feed back now. any insight is appreciated
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  1. oh might as well post my specs cause im sure that it will be asked anyway

    CPU: AMD Phenom 9550
    Mobo: ASUS M3N72-D
    Ram: 2 X 1GB DDR2 800 2 x 2GB DDR2
    GPU: EVGA GTS 450 SC
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