Gaming Build - Can you save me some cash?

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Next week, September 7, 2010

BUDGET RANGE: As cheap as possible... less than 1000, be nice if I could somehow get it to around 700.


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, mouse, keyboard



PARTS PREFERENCES: AMD/ATI for cheaper options

OVERCLOCKING: Doubt I will overclock unless you recommend it and the part purchased is proven to be worthwhile/not risky with the setup


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Looking to make a gaming computer but I don't really need anything top of the line since I'll play multiplayer games with the settings lowered and with single player games I can find a happy medium between beauty and execution. Is there anything here that I can downgrade without taking a hit to performance?




Graphics Card:

Power Supply:

Hard Drive:

CD/DVD Drive:

= 759.35 including UPS Shipping and Taxes

There's also -$40 with mail in rebates but I'll also be adding Windows 7 on top of that so +$100.

That sound about right?
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  1. Whats the resolution of you monitor?
  2. Cheaper Mobo, Good brand, USB 3.0, Xfire - $64 ASRock M3A770DE

    Much faster memory for just 15 bucks extra - $102 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    You still get to save 'bout 40-50 bucks overall. The rest of your build looks pretty good.
  3. Resolution is 1920x1080.

    Thanks. :) The only thing that kind of sucks is the RAM in my build also had a $20 mail in rebate. If that'll improve my performance though I end up spending the same amount so it'd be worth it.

    Now, that brings up another question would it be possible to OC the first build's RAM to make it comparable to the G.SKILL you recommended? And then also does anyone think it would be worth overclocking the processor/graphics card?
  4. You can oc the 445 and the 5770 quite a fair whack on stock fans, and its always nice to get a performance boost.

    try the finished system on 'stock' I.E. no unlocking cores, overclocking etc, monitor temps and game performance for say an hour or two, then play with clocking,unlocking and the gfx card, see the difference and judge yourself,
    But my vote is yes, it would be worth overclocking that chip and card
  5. Thanks Moto that definitely seems like solid advice.

    One more question... well several relating to the GPU.

    With the motherboard I have in my original setup what would be the best option with price vs. performance out of: crossfiring 2 5770's (one now one later), or a single GTX 470 or a single 5850? And what kind of power supply needs am I looking at with those options?
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    Feed your intended X-fire ideas into this and it will give you a rough idea of the rated psu your after, remember to give yourself some headroom, especially if your overclocking things.

    Theres probably some Versus tests for the GtX470 and 5850 on here somewhere,
    but because you mention cost Vs performance I'd say its between those two and I'd leave out crossfiring just yet and if you can afford it go for the 5850 imo, and maybe add another later.
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  8. That site is amazing, thanks again.
  9. No problem man, Good luck with the build and post pics when your done,
    Thank you for B.a. :)
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