I7-940 Temps with Thermalright Extreme 120 Rev. C Question

Hi there, I have recently installed on my I7-940 a Thermalright Extreme 120 Rev. C Cooler (Fan at 1500rpm) and i am a little worried with my temps. Unfortunately i had not noticed the temps i had with stock cooler so i am in the darkness now.

Now with thermalright installed and OCZ Freeze i idle at 40oC and at 60-62oC+ with load (using Edius to transcode an avi to mpeg for 10minutes).

Everything at stock (frequency, voltage etc), Case Thermaltake Speedo Advance, M/B P6T Deluxe.

What do you think? I want to overclock but i am worried a bit.... :o :bounce:
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  1. That is a bit high, but the 940s do run a bit hotter because they're older silicon (C0 stepping).

    You could try reseating the heat sink and seeing what happens, but you could always just give some minor overclocking a go and see what happens.

    If you go above 75 degrees with a Prime95 run then you're running too hot.

    Oh, and strap a second fan for push/pull to that heatsink.
  2. Thanks i have already tried to reseat the cooler but with no results....
  3. Did you put on a lot of the thermal paste?

    BTW, which software are you using to see the temps?
  4. I think i have used the correct amount of thermal paste. Less than a bean in the center of the CPU. I have tried Artic Silver 5 no luck, and then i switced to OCZ Freeze. I am using Everest 5,5 to monitor temps.... I am really :(
  5. I noticed something but i thought it would not be of much importance so i did not mentioned it but you'll never know...
    When i installed the back plate of the cooler it had to go over an aluminium base that some asus mobos have (i think it says Stack cool 2). Then i installed the 2 brackets on which thermalright is screwed on and they have contact with the m/b. At that time i noticed that the home mechanism is not tight but it moves back and forth (i hope i wrote it correct-forgive me). Then i screwed the cooler and it became very solid.

    Since i beleive that this cannot be described with words good enough there is a picture here that shows exactly what i mean
    Sorry for the external link but i did not know how to express it - if it violates any terms pls notify the moderator to erase the link from my post
  6. try CoreTemp and RealTemp too to see if all the temps tally up.

    "Less than a bean" sounds a little too much to me, but then "about a grain of rice" is an Arctic Silver and MX-3 instruction so I don't know about OCZ Freeze.
  7. ^^Grain of rice is the correct amount for all paste's, isn't it?? Or does it vary with the brand?
  8. hell_storm2004 said:
    ^^Grain of rice is the correct amount for all paste's, isn't it?? Or does it vary with the brand?

    I have no idea any more lol I've always stick with "grain of rice" (or vertical line across the cores on i7s as recommended by Arctic Silver) and let the heatsink's pressure spread it out (using a credit card or your finger to spread it out just introduces air bubbles as far as I'm converned), but the new pressure mounts from the Prolimatech and Thermalright as saying use even less!
  9. I would say the grain of rice is the standard for all paste's. In OP's case, i think too much paste could be a case.
  10. Ok, i will give it a try. I have also new results. Prime95 for 10 minutes gave 63oC on all cores. OCCT gave max 58oC on load. But in both cases idle stayed around 40oC with case side open and CPU fan at 1600rpm. CPU-Z reports speed on idle 2,93GHz while during test it overclocks 5% at 3,07GHZ vcore 1,08 an 1,28 respectively...Since i am a newbee any suggestions??
  11. Any opinions :hello: :hello: :hello:
  12. Could you run Prime95 for a little longer. 10 mins is too short a test. Check if the temps are fine after that. Shouldn't cross 70 for me after an hour!
  13. So i have new results, so feel free to help a newbee... :love: After 2 hours of prime95 small FTP i have 65oC on all cores full load and i idle at 35-38oC. I have reseated the cooler many times and i have lapped it to a great extend. Vcore is 1,09 to 1,29V and speed is 3,07GHz on Intel 940. What are your thoughts on that... What will happen if i set manually a lower V Core Voltage (now it is on auto on bios-Asus p6Tdeluxe)?
  14. Auto would mean the default VCore for the CPU. Which is i think around the 1.10V mark. 2 hours and 65 deg is not bad and your idle temps are fine too.
  15. When i set it to Auto cpu-z reports constantly 1,29V and on idle it goes 1,08. Setting it manually yesterday at 1,1V the temps after 5 intel burn tests never exceeded 55oC. So what is the role of Vcore???
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