Sapphire toxic 5850 2GB or sapphire vapor-x 1GB


Which of the following 2 graphics card is the best solution for my pc?
The sapphire toxic 5850 2GB or sapphire vapor-x 1GB?
I'm using my pc for gaming on 1 monitor or working with 2 monitor at a HD-resolution.

PC: Windows 7 64bit, rampage extreme III motherboard, intel core i930.
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  1. 1GB of VRAM is more than enough for HD resolutions, the extra 1GB on the Toxic card just wouldn't be used.

    Save yourself some money and get the 1GB model.
  2. A little detail I forgot.
    It's a vapor-x 5870
    So the sapphire toxic 5850 2GB or sapphire vapor-x 5870 1GB?
  3. Well the Toxic has a slightly better Overclock meaning its slightly faster ( but not by much at all)

    They both seem to have the same cooler.
  4. Specification HD5850 TOXIC 2GB
    GPU 765 MHz Core Clock
    40 nm Process Technology
    1440 x Stream Processors
    Memory 2048 MB Size
    256 -bit GDDR5
    4500 MHz Effective

    Specification: VAPOR-X 5870 1GB
    GPU 875 MHz Core Clock
    40 nm Process Technology
    1600 x Stream Processors
    Memory 1024 MB Size
    256 -bit GDDR5
    5000 MHz Effective

    If I compare them the toxic has 1GB more memory but is a little bit slower and the vapor-x has a little bit more speed and stream processors.

    So should I go for the speed or the extra GB memory?
  5. oh sorry My bad I thought you were comparing two different 5850's

    Yeah it you can afford the 5870 then go for it, its about 15-20% faster than the HD5850.
  6. First of all, thx for the fast responses.

    So It's better to have a faster graphics card than having that extra GB on memory?
  7. In your case, Yes it is better to have a faster graphics card, rather than extra video memory.

    I would only recommend a card with 2GB of VRAM to someone that was using a 2560 x 1600 resolution monitor and played games with the AA and AF to the max, or someone using Eyefinity technology.
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