RAM Upgrade for Dell Studio 1749 - help me get it right please

Hi all,

I have Dell Studio 1749 i5 notebook and it came with 4gb of RAM - I am running Win 7-64bit and do a lot of work in Photoshop CS5 & After Effects. I would like to increase the RAM to 8Gb.

I am a little confused regarding the CAS latency though!

The manual states the following RAM should be installed :

Memory module connector
two user-accessible SODIMM connectors
Memory module capacities
1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB,
4 GB, 5 GB, 6 GB,
and 8 GB
Memory type
1066 MHz SODIMM DDR3 (Studio 1745/1747/1749)
1333 MHz SODIMM DDR3 (Studio 1747)
Minimum memory configuration
1 GB
Maximum memory configuration
8 GB

When I run CPU-Z I get the following info re my currently installed RAM :

(which leaves me confused about the speed the current ram is running at even though it seems to be 1333 memory - although the Hyundai datasheet for this ram states it is CAS 9 - the H9 revision of the module)

Now, when looking for a replacement set of SODIMM's (2 x 4Gb) I came across this one :

Corsair RAM Chips

(chosen because the supplier is close to me).

I was about to purchase but was worried because the CAS latency is stated as 9 so I am awaiting advice before I purchase - Can anyone help please or recommend a more suitable upgrade?

Many thanks in advance,
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  1. Hi tokencode - thanks for the post - much appreciated. I had, actually, looked at the ram from Crucial (even ran there scanner) and it came to the same RAM you have pointed out.

    However, I am STILL confused - even the Crucial RAM shows a CAS of 9 whereas the RAM currently in my system appears to be running at CAS 7 ???

    That Crucial RAM is, basically, the same spec as the Corsair modules I pointed out in my first post so I am still none the wiser.

    Bascially, will I be affecting system performance if I go for CAS9 RAM whilst my current RAM is running at CAS7 ?

    I do have a sneaky suspicion though : Is this something to do with the RAM speed? IE: Is my current RAM running at CAS 7 because it is not running at it's full 1333Mhz speed? Would the CAS9 RAM that has been pointed out run at CAS7 if the speed were lower?
  2. CAS Latency is the number of cycles the memory will wait. It does affect performance to some degree. The higher the speed memory, the large the CAS Latency. I would not mix and match memory, I'd by a full kit. CAS of 7 on 1066 is about the same as CAS 9 on 1333.
  3. tokencode said:
    . CAS of 7 on 1066 is about the same as CAS 9 on 1333.

    That's what I suspected :) So, I guess I will either buy the Crucial kit or 2 of the 4Gb SODIMM's from my local supplier (as referenced in my first post) - Any thoughts on this ?
  4. Go with the Crucial kit, lifetime warranty, good quality memory and good prices.
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