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this is the build that i have come up with. it is mainly for gaming and internet browsing. i have a laptop where i can do my work and all that good stuff.

processor-amd phenom x2 555-90.99

motherboard- asus m4a785td-v evo-99.99

it says the motherboard is a crossfire hybrid because it has integrated graphics. i plan on getting a 5770 eventually. my question is that if i were to get 2 5770s and disable the integrated could i use crossfire?

ram- 4gb g skill- 80.99

case-antec three hundred illusion- 69.99

power supply- antec earthwatts 650 watts- 79.99

the case and power supply come in a combo for 129.99 plus a 15 dollar rebate so around $115

hdd- wester digital 500gb-54.99

optical drive- lite on dvd writer w/ lightscribe- 19.99

os- windows 7 64 bit 99.99-

total comes out to be around 576 dollars plus i have the mail and rebate.
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  1. that mobo. cant xfire. x16 and x4. a x8 x8 mobo with more good. but if your not a hardcore gamer. you wouldnt need that much fire power.

    here's a much better gaming build and cheap.

    mobo:gigabyte 870A-ud3
    cpu:Athlon rana 440
    case/os:rose will challenger/windows 7 64bit
    ram:gskill ripjaws cl7 4gb
    gpu:ati 5770
    psu:ocz fatality 550watts
    dvd drive:cheap sata dvd drive
    hdd:samsung f3 1tb

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