I just installed new 10.6 CCC 5770 and need help with settings.

I just installed new drivers 10.6 and CCC sucessfully and I'm not real famaliar with certain settings. Should I enable gpu scaling and what function does it serve and what about pixel format. Also LCD overdrive what purpose does it have and itc processing any info? Should I use Avivo color to control my desktop color settings?Hey I guess what I need is what are the best settings in CCC for my i7 860/8gb 1333mhz/5770/dell 23 HD 60hz 1920x1080 midrange monitor while playing newer games?One more thing I wasn't immpressed with the new drivers my frame rates didn't improve much and dropped in some games could I install 10.4 and get a little better results?THANKS for any replies!
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  1. Drivers dont make huge differences all at once, they make small differences over time.

    The standard settings will be fine, so long as you have your resolution set thats the main thing. The others are for fine tuning to suit you and can safely be left alone if you aren't getting any issues. :)
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