AMD 64

How does the AMD 64 X2's of old stack up to todays processors? i cant say what type... most powerful? lol

lest sat its vs:

Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel core i3
AMD Phenom ii X2
AMD Athlon ii X4
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  1. correction* its and Athlon 64 X2 7850 Black Edition i believe :)
  2. Here it is vs a new Athlon IIx2 at the same speed with the same number of cores:

    The Athlon 64 was the older K8 architecture. AMD made many improvements and, as you can see, a newer K10 architecture CPU with the same clockspeed and same amount of cache is faster by a small amount overall and except in some benchmarks, which make better use of the extra cache of the older processor.

    here are your other requests:
  3. Some ass kicking it got off the i3 lol awell thanks for your help :D
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