Need help on building a cheap computer for SC2

I heard that building your own computer is much cheaper for what you get, so if that's a possibility could anyone help me "build" (as in just list parts I could order) a computer that can run an average-setting-SC2 smoothly that's around $300~$400? (including shipping would be preferred, but I could pay a little extra for shipping)

I don't need some ultra video card or anything (although running SC2 on max settings would be great, but I don't think it would fit in the budget), I just want to be able to do my everyday homework while still being able to enjoy SC2 (on at least average settings) on the side without any FPS/lag issues. I live in Washington state, don't need a monitor (could use recommendations for a cheap gaming mouse though), and really need to stick to $300~$400. Plus I don't really need a big hard drive, 200 GB is probably more than enough for me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

StarCraft II System Requirements

The system requirements for the StarCraft II are as follows:
PC Requirements

PC Minimum System Requirements*:

* Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 (Updated with the latest Service Packs) with DirectX® 9.0c
* 2.6 GHz Pentium® IV or equivalent AMD Athlon® processor
* 128 MB PCIe NVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 GT or ATI Radeon® 9800 PRO video card or better
* 12 GB available HD space
* 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB required for Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 users)
* DVD-ROM drive
* Broadband Internet connection
* 1024X720 minimum display resolution

PC Recommended Specifications:

* Windows Vista®/Windows® 7
* Dual Core 2.4Ghz Processor
* 2 GB RAM
* 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better
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  1. ASUS M4A77TD + AMD Athlon II X3 440
    CORSAIR 2GB 240-Pin DDR3
    Sony Optiarc CD/DVD Burner + OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3250318AS 250GB + NZXT GAMMA
    SAPPHIRE 100296HDMI Radeon HD 4670

    $382.92 before the rebates.
  2. Do you think these combo deals/parts will still be available in November?
  3. Nope, newegg combos expire at the end of each month, prices and deals change quite a bit over a couple of months so if you arent planning on building until november wait until about a week before you are planning to buy and post again, it will let us find you the best deals and some better choices might be out there. For now Mosox's build is pretty good but i wouldnt go for an older 250GB HDD, its going to be fairly slow. A samsung F3 will cost you $10 more and will be significantly faster
  4. Ok thanks, I'll post again sometime in late October/early November then.
  5. Stick around until then, you can learn quite a bit from seeing the mistakes other people make so you can avoid them.
  6. Hi

    I have a e7400 , 4 gb ddr 2 ram and a sapphire 4670 1 gb ddr3 and a 400W PSU and starcrat 2 wa running pretty good on ultra settings although my resolution is limited to 1280x1024 .. .so even if u get the setup i have it should run it . . . .
  7. 1920 x 1200 Ultra no AA @ $376AR ^^

    Starcraft 2 Multiplayer GPU Performance Analysis
  8. Bump; I decided to not buy it in October and now I'm reconsidering it.

    My budget is around the same (preferably near low $300s), but I'm wondering if the budget deals have changed or there are new deals since October. I probably don't need Ultra settings, 2nd to highest or 3rd to highest would be fine for me. Thanks!
  9. Bump again? :)
  10. Bump one more time? Black Friday is coming up and I'm debating whether to just buy a computer on Black Friday (which would be extremely hard to do considering the amount of people that go so early) or building my own. Thanks!
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