this is done Using Ray Adams ATI Tray Tool utility :bounce: . The advantage of doing it the alternate way is that the Nvidia card check is bypassed and you get ingame AA rather than AA forced by the display driver. Big deal you are probably thinking but the ingame AA is faster as it isn't done via brute force.and more importanly you cheat nvidia :)

So how do you do it the ATI Tray Tool way?

1st step-Well first download the app from:

my system specs..win7 32 bit,ati 5770,catalyst 10.6,batman game version 1.0

2nd-Create three different profiles in the ATI Tray Tools app, one for the BmLauncher.exe and ShippingPC-BmGame.exe,BmStartApp.before saving,
In the 'Direct3D Tweaks' option, enable the tickbox to change the adapter identification
In the Vendor ID put 10DE for the Device ID put 5E2 .it resembles NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 :D . Do this for both profiles saving each one before starting the next.

Launch the batman launcher. If you have done it correctly it will say that your Nvidia drivers are out of date (because you are using ATI ones of course) and it will then allow you to set AA in the launcher. After that start the game. Notice that the ingame AA works. :D
here is my proof....
after running ati tray tools...
after exiting ati tray tools....
here is my screen shot with aa...
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