Need opinions on rig build

this is what im getting

AMD Phenom II x4 840 3.2ghz 4x 512kb l2 cache.
2x gskill ripjaws 4gb ram
600w power supply.

all i really need to know is

^ for all that up there what do you think is a good gaming motherboard. im looking into buying 1 second hand so i can afford it.

here are my choices so far as to motherboards

AM3, Manli M-760G-M, ddr3, 1gb On Board Graphic, Core Unlock supported 1 year w
AM3, Biostar A780L3B, ddr3, 512 MB On Board Graphic 1 year wty
AM3, Emaxx MCP61D3-iCafe, DDR3, Geforce 6150
AM3, EMX-AMD880HD3-PRO ,AMD 880G, ddr3 support,

and here are my choices as to video cards


Inno3d 8800gt 512mb/256 ddr3
Sparkle 9600GT 512mb 256Bit ddr3
Vga ATi Radeon HD 5570 Sapphire 1gb
9800GT 512mb 256bit ddr3 Nvidia Geforce
Nvidia 8800gt 512mb 256bit DDR3 w/ Deepcool V4000 cooler

hope someone can get back to me within a couple of hours before i head out and make a rash decision and buy sumthingnot worth it lol
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  1. I'm using a biostar am3 board, so I would recommend them. For video, it all comes down to price. The 5570 is the newest chipset, but some folks won't use ati cards due to driver issues.
  2. whats the most demanding game youve played with that board?
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