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I'm running an ATI Radeon HD 5850 and have an LG 2353V-PF monitor. I'd like to output in hdmi only, I only have one monitor. However, everytime I try to switch the primary display to HDMI the screen goes blank. It only seems to recognize D-sub output.

I'm running windows 7 64 bit professional.

Any help would be appreciated - I'm getting a blu-ray drive next week and want the best quality.
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  1. Interesting, do you have anything else with an HDMI in like a TV that you could try it on to see if its the card not outputting HDMI properly? Or maybe another HDMI source you could try to make sure that its not an issue with HDMI for the monitor.

    Also another thing to check, try another HDMI cable to make sure yours isnt broken.
  2. After windows boots up plug ur hdmi in then unplug the dvi that should do it.
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