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Hey guys here is the situation, I have the Logitech G930 and I want to source two outputs too it at the same time, one from my PC and the second one from My PS3 both Audio and Microphone (Mic only required for PC). Both signals need to be Live no switching. Ive looked for such a thing and there either too expensive or do not sport the SPDIF for the PS3. If I have to spend extra cash its not a problem just wondering if theirs more practical options out there, thanks.
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  1. So basically, if I understand you right, you need two seperate output signals MIXED into a single output, correct?
  2. yes exactly one through USB/Line In/SPDIF +Microphone which is PC any three options will work, and SPDIF for the PS3 both mixed to a single USB output for the G930
  3. I found another possible option, If I use TRS connectors all around this is actually quite simple to achieve, whats limiting me hear is the USB and SPDIF, I can use av cables for PS3 audio which is the same thing as TRC and I would need a USB to 3.5mm TRC audio and Microphone converter from there Its pretty simple circuitry to mix both outputs into one. now by doing this I will lose my 7.1 surround sound so I dunno if ill like this, but maybe theirs a way to do it with 7.1 or even just 5.1. If not if you guys can help me with the original dilemma Id rather go in that direction this is just a second option thanks.
  4. I cant seem to find a USB to 3.5mm TRC Converter, does such a thing even exist, theres lots of 3.5mm to USB, I understand that it cant simply be a adapter because USB is only DATA and power its not Just a simple wire crossing, it surprises me that a converter for this doesn't seem to exist.
  5. Okay I have another possible solution to my problem, if I get an SPDIF input on my computer I can plug my PS3 directly into my computer, I know this is possible because this is how to get USB headsets to work on PS3s, but that doesn't solve my other problem which is mixing the two audio sources into one, if I reach this point would it simply be a matter of software on my computer to mix the two, or is it still a hardware limitation, or does windows itself have such a feature?
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