Help please!!!! ordered new parts and way out of touch with new tech

I have owned a Thermaltake Kandalf va9000bws "The super tower" for a number of years now, love the case. I am now upgrading


motherboard = Asus Rampage III extreme
cpu = i7 980x extreme edition 3.3ghz
heatsink = cooler master V8 rr-UV8-XBU1-GP120
memory = Corsair Dominator gt 12GB DDR3 2000 (cmt6gx3m3a2000c8)
video card = XFX HD-597x-EN Radeon 5970 Black 4Gb 512
Power supply= Corsair cmpsw 1200ax
OS = Windows 7 Ultimate 64 OEM

keeping my old

mouse = Logitech g5
Keyboard = Logitech g15
HD = Raptor 76gig main sata
2nd HD = Seagate 300 gig sata
sound card = creative Xi-Fi Platinum extreme fidelity
dvd/cd = LG dvd rw, cd r/w(sorry can't remember model)
Monitor = Dell 2405fpw

I have just been reading up about issues with the heatsink cooler, the motherboard and video cards fitting in some cases. Does anyone know if i will have problems?? I havent done a rebuild in some years and feel quite out of touch.

Thanks for letting me pick your brains
an old fart
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  1. IMO you overspent in some areas but didn't buy smartly.

    For example, unless you use photoshop the 980x and 12GB of ram offer nothing over an i7-930 and 6GB in gaming/general use, while the 5970 4GB has no advantage over the 2GB because it's too slow to really need the extra Vram except in new games where it can't deliver good framerates anyway. The PSU is too large, and as such will have bad running efficiencies with the low-power system you have listed.

    You need a new hard drive/SSD, the raptor is twice as sslow as a current 7200 drive, while it's 100s of times slower than an SSD.
  2. thanks, i do use photo shop quite a bit for the whole family, since my dad died and we are gathering lots of old old old photos and newer ones from all over to keep the family history alive so to speak. Wasn't sure about the vid card but a nephew told me more is better on the vram - gonna have to slap the little weasal LOL.

    I appreciate the help, going to have to look more into the new HD's
  3. I am concerned with the motherboard/cpu cooler fitting in my case, do you think this is a problem or will i be able to fit them in??
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