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I am having a problem with respect to cooling for the I7 870 processor.My mobo is Gigabyte P55A-UD4P iam currently using the stock cooler which i find inefficient in cooling. i am currently having temps of 53C to 59C under idle and when stressed under prime95 the heat bumps up to 90C to 100C in seconds untill the system shuts down.I bought a gigabyte g-power 2 pro cooler with my system but they gave me the wrong bracket kit thats why am using the stock cooler. is anyone having the same problem as me or is this not a problem simply the stock cooler sucks ???
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  1. What CPU temp monitor software are you using?
  2. If not overclocking and have decent airflow in your case, you should not be getting close to those temperatures. The fan is most certainly installed incorrectly. Make sure all the push pins are correctly and securely fastened to the back of the motherboard.
  3. No am not overclocking. and i don't think there is a problem with the installation of the cooler am an IT technician.. i just need someone who may have had the same problem so i can find the solution.. at least to know if the mobo is defective or the processor...
  4. I am using realtemp...
  5. No offense but there really is only one explanation as to why your chip is running to the point of shut down. Your not overclocking, and if the fan was installed correctly, even a 100F degree room wouldn't make your chip run at 100c when running at stock voltage and speed. I don't think you have a defective chip, but you can always RMA it and get another one.
  6. Well yesterday I changed the processor and i still got a 50C temp in Bios on the stock cooler... I took my board and processor to the company where i bought the mobo from am waiting for their verdict. Now i am 100% sure that the problem is with my gigabyte P55A-UD4P and i am waiting for an RMA.
  7. Strange, I wonder if the mobo was excessively over volting the chip.
  8. Just be thankful that you don't have a Pentium 4 D processor, as they supposedly can't be run below 65c and when anyone questions such a thing their posts get deleted!!
  9. I just a report from the computer shop that there is probaby a fault in the mobo they are going to reply to my as soon as they try another mobo.. i'll keep you up to date as soon as i get the verdict hopefully it will be a lesson learned...
  10. it seems that the problem was the cooler all along. The Intel stock cooler just sux. i fabricated brackets for my gigabyte g-power 2 pro cooler to fit it on the 1156 and it worked like a charm. Now no more over heating and shut downs. the temps dropped on idle from the 50s to an average of 42 and on stress the temps reach a max of 80C but still the fan is not on full cycle. I hope my problem help others who have the same prob.. thanks everybody.
  11. So the problem was with the fastening design/push pins? So many people have problems with Intel's method of securing their fans, it's a wonder they haven't come up with something better yet.
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