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I have a wireless router on one side of a big room. I have a network drop that's run from the wall by the wireless router, to the wall on the other side of the building. I just bought an access point, but i have a question about wiring. To get my access point on the other side of the room, can i just use a regular cable to patch a port on the wireless router to the port on the wall, then at the other end of the building, a regular cable from that wall jack to the port on the access point? or do i have to buy a "crossover cable" to use at some point in the chain?

I really hope i can use this existing wall jack on each end of the building to my advantage.
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  1. I'm guessing here but my guess is a basic Cat5e or Cat6 cable, properly terminated at each end, should suffice. Go to the support pages of the access point device and see what they have to say. Also known as read the directions. :pt1cable:
  2. Sorry, forgot to post I already figured this out. Oddly enough the directions that come with it don't even mention cabling at all haha. but it worked with standard Cat 5e cabling. I've never really understood when to use a crossover since i've never had to use one, so figured i'd ask.
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