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My PC is up to date but I haven't upgraded by Hard disk for six years. I want to know if adding a new HD will speed up my computer or decrease the starting time?
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  1. Hard drives have improved in performance the last 6 years, but not radically so. If you went from a 5400 rpm drive to a 7200 rpm drive with more cache you would notice a big improvement. If you went to an SSD for your boot drive and used your old drive for data it would be an even bigger improvement. What's your goal and budget?
  2. Yes you could definitely see a performance increase from a HDD that's six years old. Do you have any specs regarding that particular HDD?
  3. In general, yes, A faster HDD (especially if you installed a SSD) will help. It is really a matter of the specs of your system, overall, however.

    So, what are you using now? Also, do you have a budget for a HDD (hybrid HDDs have become quite popular) and/or SSD upgrade?
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