Usb port not working

Hello,my 1 of the usb port is not me out
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  1. Try another usb port first. If you don't have any, check the windows device manager for any conflicts. I've had problems with one port not working with a wireless mouse ocassionally and had to switch ports.
  2. Re-install your root hubs, if no effect, is it just 1 device or multiple?
  3. check if it is physically damaged. never good when that happens. Which is it? a front USB port or back?

    if it is front on case could just be the header on mobo came off... happened to me once or twice....
  4. You could also possibly check on your motherboard if the USB cable is still firmly plugged in
  5. i tried all my 6 ports... even the drivers are properly installed..
  6. Could be a fault on the board as to power not reaching the ports or your wiring is severed within its plastic covering, You may need to get a replaced board or ask a technician to test the board with a multimeter
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