PC froze and now it won't post!

Hello, last night my PC froze. I shut it off and restarted it and it posted up and worked for maybe 2 minutes before freezing again. Tried it one more time and then it refused to post. It makes 0 beeps when I press the power button. All the lights and fans do come on and stay on. I have a black screen that shows nothing on my monitor and it will just stay that way out doing anything. This computer is 4-5 years old and I had to replace the power supply maybe 5-6 months ago. When I take out the RAM I finally get some beeps so I'm guessing my RAM isn't the problem. I know it overheated yesterday because the ac went out, however at night it was working fine for hours and never shut off due to that again because it froze and I had to shut if off manually. Could it be my gfx card? Thanks for any help you can give.

Mobo: A8N-SLI Premium
CPU : AMD sempron 3500+
GFX : Geforce 7600 GT OC
RAM : 2 512mb corsair xms3200
PSU : Roswill green series 530w
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  1. Nevermind the CPU is shot, somehow the pins are bent. Guess it's time for a new pc
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