Losing video signal when enabling Crossfire.

I have 2 Vapor-X 5870s, both of which work fine when by themselves. They even work fine when they are connected together. The problem is that when I enable Crossfire, the screen just goes black and I don't get the video signal back (the computer still runs, as when I shut it down by pressing the power button, I can hear the sounds that signal it's shutting down). I even just recently RMA'd one of the cards and used it for a while to make sure it was working, so I was kinda stoked to get the Crossfire going again, and then this happens. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong, and I desperately need help.

I should note that, other than the BIOS versions of the cards, they are both the EXACT same cards according to GPU-Z. One of the BIOS versions looks like it's a more recent version.

Forgot to also mention, I'm using the 10.6 Catalyst and Application Profiles.

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mptqtwhi38um8hy <-- DxDiag
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  1. Reinstalled the 10.6 drivers and now it seems to be working correctly. If I come across any more problems, I'll post again, but for now, my problem is solved.

    One thing that DOES concern me, though, is that now when I look at GPU-Z, for BOTH cards it says it uses the same BIOS version of the cards. Before, it detected both cards but displayed a different BIOS version for each card. Should I be concerned about this?
  2. As long as that cards are fine (especially gaming) then don't worry about that... :)
  3. wa1 said:
    As long as that cards are fine (especially gaming) then don't worry about that... :)

    Guess we'll find out tomorrow when I go on a Starcraft 2 marathon.. :D
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