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I have recently purchased and installed a new 320GB SATA drive in my custome PC. I have 3 other drives, as well (2 SATA and 1 IDE) the "old" C: drive is a is still installed, but when I look at what was the D: Drive (320GB) I am only seeing 36GB???

Also there are now 2 System Drives of a few GB's created. I followed all directions when installing the OS...did not change anyother hardware (except adding a new Drive).

Question: How can I check that ALL drives are showing accurate capacity? And how can I "try" to access the items on my D: Drive , because now it looks empty.

Please help if you can!
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  1. Model numbers would help, but could it be that you fiddled with the jumpers on your IDE drive and installed an Alternate Capacity jumper? Some drives had such a jumper to limit the reported capacity to 32GB, for BIOS compatibility reasons. The Master and Capacity jumpers are often at opposite ends of the jumper block, so it is easy to get them mixed up.

    As for your other question, tools such as HD Sentinel, HDDScan, or CrystalDiskInfo will report information about your drives, including SMART data.

    HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

    HDDScan for Windows:

  2. What size (for the HDDs) does your BIOS show? Also, did you do anything to the new 320GB HDD before you installed it (like clone data to it)?
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