Anyone have a Dell XPS 7100?

Hey, does anyone have a Dell 7100? Because I am going to order one sometime this month.
Here is the customization I picked on it.

PROCESSOR & GRAPHICS CARD AMD Phenom™ II X6 1035T + ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB edit
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64Bit, English edit
MEMORY 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz- 2 DIMMs edit
HARD DRIVE 1TB - 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache edit
MONITOR No Monitor edit
SOUND CARD THX® TruStudio PC™ edit
SPEAKERS No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system) edit
WIRELESS Dell 1525 Wireless-N PCIe Card edit
KEYBOARD Dell Studio Consumer Multimedia Keyboard edit
MOUSE Dell Laser Mouse edit
MODEM No Modem Option

Please tell me what you think of it. Like is it good and stuff. And, should I change out the cpu from the 1035T to the 1055T for $50 more. Is it really necessary for gaming and stuff like that.

Or should I get this one???

The bad thing of this, is that it is not really from a brand, and I never had a computer from them, i dont know if it will come good or not, but with the dell, I got the warranty and they will help me out, i have dealt with dell customer support before and it is really good!

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  1. hey malmental!

    I am not sure if I should get the dell 7100 right now, or wait like the above poster said, if I wait, they might not even put the cpu that he is talking about, because they are not listing the 955 or 965 BE.
  2. If I can get a good build and have a good reason to build my own computer, then I can!
    So, please guys help me out. I need a good build. The price went over to the $900-$1,000 limit, but these are good parts, right?
    I need your guys help, because I need you to point me in the right direction. Tell what to repalce with what and stuff like that. So, please help me.
    Here is the build:

    So again, please tell me what is good and personal experience, and if it is not, then why and what to replace it with, thanks!!!!!!
  3. Thanks! I also made some more before you posted this, here it is:
  4. What do you mean? Like buying all from newegg? Its the only website I know of
  5. try tiger direct .com no tax in alot of places,even cali. I built mine for about $1100.00 1yr 8 months ago after rebates using TD and New egg

    got a free OS from a friend . I can play all games at max settings full 1920x1200 resolution ,,,Star Craft 2 ,Mafia 2,MW2,kayne lynch 2 ect... . I will probably upgrade my card in 2 years and increase my OC to 3.6 Ghz that should be enough to play all the newer DX11 games.For now an OC of 3.2Ghz and my card works great.

    Don't buy a 5870 at full price ,waist of cash if your broke .
  6. Thanks for the replies!!! I will look into the other site like tigers direct and the link that mal posted tomorrow when I got some more time.


    PLease tell me what you think, if something is bad and needs to be changed then tell me, and if i am missing something basic, then please tell me, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, compare the build under, and then instead of the $100 case, replace it with this:
    Is the case above good? I heard good things about it, and alotta fans!!!! No special cooling system would be required!, thanks again!!!!
    *Yes, im am excited with the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. corsair makes good power supplies /anything 80 plus certified will due though.

    Very important to make sure your RAM is on the Motherboard vendor list and is fully tested and approved .Gskill makes great ram

    I wouldn't pay that much for 1 graphics card ,unless i was rich.Find a rebate at least.

    Lite on is good also.i got 2 supermulti's work great and quiet.
  8. Thanks for the reply!

    I has hoping if you can tell me if the ram and stuff is compatible and approved, it should work though.

    I am no where near rich, haha, but it is the best graphic card I can get with my budget. I dont want a 5770(original choice) because it isnt that great for new games, and games that will come in the future, i want my pc to handle games and stuff for up the next 5 years, and I am sure it will with the 5850. I am waiting for some discounts since they come and go. Also, im gonna check other websites like you guys said.
  9. go to the motherboard manufacturer website it will have a memory vendor list for each board.
    some boards only allow 1 stick of some ram .This is important for Overclocking also as system stability is vital.

    I would look for a Heatsink also it will keep temps lower than a stock one .open box/refurbished is ok ,it's basicly a fan either it works or it don't not much can go wrong with a fan.

    Try this website- some intelligent friendly people .jebo and Patriot have helped me in the past .
  10. Thanks!!!!!
    I will be sure to check that out.

    I decided to switch out the cosair PSU to a cheaper one, but definately a good one, maybe OCZ, just not sure which one right now.

    The ram should work.

    The case im getting has like 5 fans, do you still think I need a cooling solution?

    Also, which motherboard would you recommend?
  11. Which PSU would be better?
    I am leaning more towards to the antec. the reason is because of the reviews.
    And also, the 5850 has 2 6pin power connectors, the ocz only has 1, and the antec has 2...
    the only bad thing is that the ocz is 50W more!
    So, what would you pick? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't understand your reasoning . The boards your'e looking at have crossfire support but it's not good "only 1 pcie x 16 slot the other is x 4 which isn't worth buying a secound card for 1/4 of the power capability .

    Buy a board with 2 x16 slots "crossfire " and a power supply with 4 six pin connectors if youre gonna crossfire.i know my card takes 2 six pin.

    It's cheaper not to crossfire but if youre into gaming it's nice too have .

    I wouldn't buy either one myself "due too limited six pins.The product links are for the same motherboards not power supplies by the way.

    I got my power supply for 70.00 after 30.00 rebate .. 750watt PC power and cooling /a top quality PS made by a division of OCZ.corsair are very good also ,find a rebate .

    I would pass on those products myself.

    try more websites and start a poll of "best value gaming PC build for your price range"

    you'll find it very effective and save me alot of typing .i'm done ,good luck kid
  13. haha, im sorry guys

    I am not gonna crossfire at all or sli or whatever depending on what graphic card im gonna pick.

    I just want one graphic card.

    Ok, to make this easier for all of up, how about this?

    Which good and cheap motherboard with usb 3.0 will work with this?
    amd phenom 955 BE
    either ati 5850 or gtx 470
    g-skill ram(2x 2GB)

    as for the power supply....
    how about you guys pick one for me, a good one with good price on it, I REALLY am new to this, and I absolutely need help, so dont abandon me like a puppy, thanks!

    I hope I am making this easy for you guys, if not then i am really sorry
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