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Average CPU Usage

Is there a noticeable diffrence (for the average gamer) between AMD 955, 1090T or an Intel i5 or I7(not X58) cpu? i ussualy play things like WoW, Command and Conquer, Oblivion, and sometimes the occasional first person shooter. Im working on the perfect rig for me and i planned on using the GTX 580 so i wouldnt have to go SLI anytime soon.
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  1. Hi sahall91,

    With the games you listed you really do not need the amount of power that any of those CPU's can provide you with. Tom's has rated th i5-750 as the best gaming CPU for the money since it was released, and it can power through any game as good as the i7 or AMD 955 or the 1090t.

    That said it would be wise to consider if your like to do a fair amount of gaming, how long you plan on using this PC and any future games that may come along. Also if you using any powerfull multi-threaded applications, you may benifit from having the i7 or 1090t over the i5.
  2. Why would the 955 be better than the i5 for multithreading unless you are talking about the dual core variants?
  3. @Enzo Matrix - You are correct, I guess I just got carried away when typing, I didnt mean to include the 955 in there. Thanks for pointing it out. :)
  4. I hope to be able to play future games and have something that wont require upgrade in the next 6-12 mos, I dont mind playing the newest games on lowered settings but i want to be able to play whats out now and in the next 2 month's ish on high or ultra high settings, as for multi threaded applications, i dont think i use any of those at the moment.
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    Even with an i5 you should be fine for at least two years and most likely more like 5years with a GPU upgrade somewhere in there, game companies cannot move too fast or a large part of thier market my get left out in the cold with hardware that cant run thier software.

    I can run games on my P4 3.4Ghz perfectly fine even when the minimum requirements on the box say I need a core 2 duo. I can play Crysis on it at medium to high settings mix @ 1280x1024 / 2x AA on a ATI 4600 series card and it looks and runs perfectly. So you really dont have to worry about being outdated for several years to come.
  6. Sweet, Thanks :)
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