How to physically secure a file server (ie locking cable)?

Does anyone still use locking cables (ie Kensington style)? Are there any good budget ones (the Kensington branded ones seem to run in the $30-40 range)?

Details: I've read people say that cables aren't that useful to lock up laptops, they're only a deterrent-- and that if someone's alone with one of these for 5 minutes they can saw through or otherwise defeat the locking cable. I believe that.

But, in my case, I am looking into locking cables for other reasons. I have a file server (a Synology) and some hard drives that I sometimes need to leave out. I keep wondering how I can secure them, and they all do have Kensington style slots. I know that someone could easily saw through a cable in 5 minutes-- but I'm thinking just having a deterrent would be a lot better than having nothing-- so if the person's in a hurry they won't bother.


12/13 Adding some details: I've seen Kensington style cables a lot of places like for instance the hospital. But surely hospitals don't spend $35 per cable every time they have a hard drive to protect. Does anyone make a budget Kensington style locking cable?
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  1. It is true that having something is better then having nothing and there aren't a lot of security optios. Maybe a lock box of some type with a chain would present a would be thief with a more time consuming effort to take the items.
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