Not able to enabled Anti-Aliasing at all on Radeon 4850

Ive tested this in multiple games(Alien Swarm, Empire Total War, Dawn of War 2) and even on the ATI catalyst control panel itself. Whenever I enabled AA of any level, whatever, my screen will freeze, and go to black, then come back a few seconds later, back to black, etc... until I eventually get the program closed or just reboot.

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled videocard drivers both old and new(tried 5 different versions so far) and used driver cleaner inbetween installs to ensure I did everything properly. I also have the latest version of directx and im currently running the newest ATI drivers which I installed this morning.

Whats interesting though is that other than that aspect, my system runs amazing. I played all those games I lsited on high or highest settings with zero problems, unless I try to enable AA even when the rest of the settings are at the lowest.

Thanks a ton to any help you guys can provide!

Heres a link to my exact card:

and here's the rest of my specs in case you guys need em: CPU Motherboard Ram Case Harddrive Power Supply
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  1. Try to set AUTO in CCC AA setting and only change the AA setting on the game itself...
  2. Already did that. Ive tried both in games and changing it system wide. Both result in the screen freezing up and flashing to black.
  3. Hmm, i guess you got a defective card there...
    Still on warranty? RMA it to get a replacement...

    The rest of your system are good.
  4. Im going to install Windows XP on another partition and see how that runs compared to 7. I'll report back later...
  5. So I just installed XP and got it all updated with my drivers and whatnot, and yep, same exact problem. This pretty much confirms that its a hardware problem with my videocard correct?
  6. appears to be the hardware issue, specifically the card, rest of the system looks fine, good luck on RMA/warranty
  7. Yes, it much more hardware problem...
    RMA or repair it...
  8. Thats a bummer...gonna have to use a really old PCI videocard to keep my system running while I wait for the RMA. Oh well...thanks guys
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