I3-350m Vs C2D E6600

I have recently been looking at the minimum specs for COD7 and was wondering if and an I3-350m (2.26Ghz) would run it because it says it need a C2D E6600 (2.4Ghz) but because of Hyper threading and stuff, would it work?
(Video card fine and so is ram).
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  1. simple answer yes. assuming you have a good graphics card it should me no problem with an i3. And yes the i3 is better than the C2D. Although for just a little bit more u could go for an i3 530-40? maybe even an i5 but i don't know what your budget is so.... :) happy gaming
  2. typically the hyperthreading does not decrease gaming performance. It might even help with cod7 because MW2 and cod 7 can both use more than 2 CPU cores.

    Don't worry about clockspeed either because the i3 is faster than the 2.4GHz core 2 duo anyway.

    If you want alternate suggestions, give us a budget, your current setup and/or your intended video card.
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