Slow pc?

I did not really find where to put this in the forum so sorry for that.

My problem is that I have the feeling my pc is not peforming as it should be.

My specs are:
Sapphire HD4870 512mb
Antec earthwatt 500 power supply
Q6600 2.4ghz processor
Asus p5k Motherboard

When I am running like GTA IV I only get arround 30 fps when nothing is happening. With everything on medium and the rest on lowest settings with a 1680x1050 resolution. Also Bad company 2 with everything on medium with AAx2 also only getting around 30fps. I tryed overclocking my cpu to 3.2ghz but only noticed like a 5fps increase.

Is this normal, or is maybe something bottle necking.
Hope somebody can answer my question. :)
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  1. GTA4 has bad coding (made for consoles) which explains the bad performance. Bad company 2 is one of the more power hungry games out to date. I guess it makes your performance normal.
  2. that i a little low.. for gta id understand but bfbc2 you should be able to run it better.. does your motherboard have more than one pcie slot? and if so is the video card in the right slot? the 16x one?
  3. Sorry for the bad info, but it seems bad company 2 is playable with around 40-60fps
    Thats pretty descent I think :p
  4. Your performance level is about what I would expect from that configuration. The CPU you are running is only going to perform to 2.4 ghz on single thread applications and most games are single thread. The i5 and i7 have a feature called turbo boost which allows single thread applications to push past the 3 GHZ barrier shutting down the idle cores to do so. Your GPU is a good card for the money but it is the 512 MB version and it can only perform so much before it runs into issues at a higher resolution. I would say that your bottlenecks are the CPU in Single thread apps and the GPU at high resolutions.
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