Razer Mamba Rattle - Advice Appreciated

I received my new Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse today. In almost all respects, I am very happy with the product. However, the scroll wheel appears somewhat loose within its setting, and produces an audible rattle when the mouse is moved from side to side :??:

Before I contact the vendor, I thought it best to seek opinons as to whether this is a normal/expected characteristic of the product.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi Den 10, Welcome to THW.

    I do not and have not owned a Razer mouse before, but I do have a Logitec G500 and the scroll whell on these also have a slight wobbel(maybe 1mm max) to them when they hyper scroll is used(wheel can spin freely with out tactile click) I do not know if the Razer has this feature, but that may be the reason. As for audible rattle, I do not have that issue, but it could very well be a design flaw on Razers part.

    If this is an annoyance to you I would contact Razer anyhow and ask them about the problem, I hear their customer service is very nice, and you could probably get them to replace it for you if you would like to.
  2. To Den 10,

    I noticed the same thing with my Mamba. I was worried that something inside broke. When I took it apart, I didn't find anything broken. It turns out it was the on/off switch. I ended up making two shims out of an index card and colored them with a sharpie so they would blend in. A very small dab of axle grease where the scroll wheel support rod meets the 3rd button fixed the squeak. With no squeak or rattle it's better than new.

    I realize this thread is old, and you probably figured out a fix of your own. Hope this helps anyone else who runs across this looking for a fix.
  3. There is another problem I noticed recently. After a while the release mechanism for the USB cable started to lose it's "springyness". To fix that, get one of those cheap blue Paper Mate ball point pens (other ones might work). Open it up and cut off a very thin piece of the white tube that holds the ink. I had to use a file to make the shim thinner, but whatever works. Slip that shim between the spring and the peg that hold it in place and you're good to go.
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