Dj's hard drive not working on pc

hi my toshiba 1tb external hard drive has stopped working, its happened in the past & ive left it.....
i cant with this one, i am worried sick, it has over 200,000 mp3's on it, im a dj & bookings are every week now, what can i do? please help, the external hard drive is a toshiba stor.e partner 1tb
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  1. I had one of those fail on me recently, but as a "belt and braces" chap I kept all it's data mirrored on two other external drives so I lost nothing. It's unwise not to keep backups. Storing precious stuff on just one drive (and especially when it's an external drive - - less reliable than internal ones) is asking for trouble.

    I would test it with diagnostic software to see how serious the problem is, but very often it's the adapter board inside the enclosure which fails, not the drive itself. This can often be fixed by removing the drive and buying a third-party enclosure for it, but not always possible as some of these drives have proprietary interfaces which don't conform to industry standards.

    You can test it with "Seagate SeaTools for Windows" since Toshiba don't have any diagnostic software which runs on Windows:
  2. With this external drive being a major part of your buisness then you should have a backup of your mp3 files. Any recovery process of the contents of a hard drive is going to take some time. There are some recovery programs that you can get for free and maybe in this case you might want to pay for professional recovery.
  3. Restoring it from backup would be the fix.
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