Maximus IV Extreme Question! guys i just bought a new few parts

Maximus IV Extreme
2nd generetion I5 2500k
Evga 570GTX
Antec Pro 750W 80 plus (gold)
NZXT Phantom

i got 2 old parts i'm using harddrive and Memory
now my memory is g.skill 1066mhz

now this system works but i can over use it because it shut down like everytime i try higher resolution movies or gaming it shut downs for 2 seconds and then goes up and runing again
i took it to the lab they said its the ram causing it and tommorow i want to buy new ram for the motherboard

My question is
1: can the memory really cause it
2: wich Memory from the list to buy? and if it will be runing well with games on high graphics !!

‏2x4GB G.Skill SNIPER Edition Dual Channel CL9
‏2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws X Edition Dual Channel CL9-9-9-24‎
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  1. sounds like a video card issue. Make sure you update your video card drivers. I'd also update to the newest bios/drivers for all components
  2. it aint video card problem i got latest drivers also the book even says that the board requiers diffrent kind of memory/
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