What do you think?

Just wanted to see what you guys thought about this hard drive. Is it a good one at at good price?
Or a complete rip-off. :lol:
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  1. umm...which one is that ?
  2. I didn't think Hitachi's drives were still around. The Price for a 2.5" 500GB is good, if Hatachi is still going to warranty the drive for at least 2 years I would think its a good deal.
  3. What will you be using the hard drive for ? It's a 5400 rpm so I would definetly not be using it for a desktop and even a laptop would be quetionable since you can get 7200 rpm drives for laptops. I guess the thing that's attracting you is the price ? I guess if that's all you care about then it could be a good deal , but performance wise it's not.
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