Weird Harddrive Problem

It already almost a year my hard drive WDC 500GB problem exist.. It's sometimes not detected by the bios nor the windows.

Here's what i've done to try to fix it:
1. Scan with HDtune, there is no bad sector.
2. Reformat through windows with "quick format".
3. Change the PSU.
4. Change the cable to the new one.
5. Swap with the other hard drive cable.

I said this is weird because when i scan with HDtune, it says OK and when i restarted the PC it could be detected.

But after several days, the problem occurred again. FYI it already out of warranty.

My question is, it will be any difference if i do a low level format?

Thank you all.. :)
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  1. Not much I can say but try another harddrive and see if the problem persists. Might be a false reading coming from your internals?
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