I7 930 overheat!!

cpu temp goes from 55~65 to 98+ by it self!!
im using a stock cooler, not a fan of overclocking and tweaking.. my question here is it normal cause i tried working on the computer and it was fine, its just i got scared actually almost a heart attack!!

my pc is this:
CPU intel i7 930 2.8
case V9 thermaltake
PSU 750 gigabyte
RAM 4GB Corsair 16000MHz
motherboard intel DX58SO extreme
GPU Geforce 9400GT

i only use my pc for Microsoft office, Adobe, messanger, etc...

thnx in advance
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  1. Some hardware monitor programs aren't accurate. Try coretemp. Those cpus run very warm. You can try some premium thermal paste or a better cooler. Be sure to measure for clearance before ordering any large cpu cooler.
  2. im using intel control panel
  3. CoreTemp Results:
    Tj.MAX 100C

    Low High Load
    C#0 51 100 15
    C#1 47 96 31
    C#2 54 100 20
    C#3 47 89 17

    Frequency: 2770.## (135.13x20.0)
  4. Check the bios temp at idle. If it's 40c or less, then you're fine. Coretemp may not be accurate with your board. And your temp may rise to 80c or higher under load or in the summer months. Those cpus are tough; if you don't have the funds for a better cooler, live with it for awhile. If it's a retail boxed cpu, you have a three year warranty with Intel.
  5. Like oldie said, core temp might not be registering correctly, try realtemp for temperatures.

    I good thing to do while the cpu is registering high temps is open the case and put a finger on the heatsink to see if it's getting warm. At 80c and above you'll definitely know if the cooler is making good contact with the cpu after putting a finger on it. Obviously if the cooler isn't warm or hot, you need to reinstall it. Honestly if those temps are correct you need to reinstall it anyway. Has your pc shut down yet, or crashed?
  6. thnx guys for all ur information much appreciate it.. i just came from the store i bought V6 coolermaster and i can feel the processor is thanking me hehe
    thnx guys

    one more thing and it more difficult than the last 1!! how do i submit thread solved?
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