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Okay, I'm back again. Lord help me.

I have an external hard drive, a Toshiba, it's a few years old. It's USB powered and my dog ate the original cord. In a previous post, forum members helped me figure out what kind of cable was needed and where I could buy one, which I did.
I received said cable in the mail, and needless to say it's not working the way the other one did. It's a mini USB, not a micro USB and it has the ferret core. When I plug the cable in, the USB kicks on, but the power isn't consistent as the light on the drive comes on, goes off, and you can feel the drive trying to draw enough power. If I push in the cable hard or tweak it while holding it, it will go on momentarily.

Which leads to my next issue. If and when I can get my Toshiba laptop to recognize the drive, it wants to format the drive, which would erase all the data off of it.

My laptop is incompatible with the drive, I googled, e-mail tech support and Toshiba says the drive/laptop is incompatible I would probably have to buy a whole new drive and they don't know why but apologized for any imposed inconvenience with said product. Thanks?

I have an OLDER than dinosaur crap dell desktop I had used the toshiba drive on previously, and now it won't load the USB drive period.. I tried everything. I was hoping to transfer data to it, buy a new drive, transfer from desktop to new drive and to the new laptop, burn data disks and go..TADA!!!! (tapdances)

So, I know I royally screwed up placing EVERYTHING on this drive and I should have backed it up to Data disks or another drive.. I was playing with fire and pushing my luck but every laptop we bought for over a year would crash and die or the dvd drives would crap out. I never go around to it and got tired of trying to mess with it. We JUST bought this new laptop and I'm frustrated as HELL trying to recover my data on there.

I pugged the USB into my tv and it fires right up no problem, so I know the drive functions perfectly. I can view my pictures, videos and folders and everything is on the drive and intact.

Now I just need to recover my damn data and get it off of this nightmare and ditch the external drive.

I don't want to go to a PC shop or Best Buy and pay an arm and a leg to get my data..plus there is questionable material on the drive that Id rather not be fondled in prison over.. (let's just say not all of my music was expensive).

So, can anyone offer me a feasible suggestion or what I should do to remove my data.. My wedding pictures are on this drive..and our wedding photographer was a one eyed cawk juggling thunder kuhnt who didn't put ANY of our pictures on Cd's, a flash-drive or anything else..Instead she emailed me a link to her website and made me painfully download each of the 1700 plus pictures ONE by one..now they are STUCK on this damn drive.

Desperately need someone who has thought of something I haven't to fix this mess.. :cry:

Much appreciated

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  1. If the cable you need is a mini usb then why don't you get one of those ? If there is no power adaptor for the external drive then you need a usb cable that will supply the power also.
  2. inzone said:
    If the cable you need is a mini usb then why don't you get one of those ? If there is no power adaptor for the external drive then you need a usb cable that will supply the power also.

    I guess maybe my post was easy to read? Apparently not..
    I have a mini USB cable, it didn't work. I bought a shorter mini usb cord with a ferret core, it didn't work either.

    I don't know what else to do, because the ferret core is suppose to be short enough to draw more power from the compute to run the drive..and its not..and I don't know what to do to get my data off of there, so I'm looking for a fresh idea....
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