Intel Z68 chipset rumours start

The one feature that looks really interesting is RST SSD Caching, where RST stands for Rapid Storage Technology. If this is what we think it is, it'll allow you to use an SSD as a cache drive while using a hard drive as the main storage drive. We've seen solutions like this in the market via various hardware solutions already and it's not too farfetched that Intel would integrate such a feature in its chipsets. With RST driver version 10.5 Intel will also support RAID with hard drives larger than 2.2TB. What's missing is native USB 3.0 support, so it seems like Z68 based motherboards will still have to rely on third party USB 3.0 host controllers.


Original source: SemiAccurate
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  1. Although I would have liked to see 20 PCI lanes in the CPU instead of just 16, I do not have a big problem with a 3rd party USB 3.0 controller.
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