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Which optical drive should I get? I am building a pc. I was considering this

I'd like to be able to read and write blu-rays. I don't care if it comes with software because I can get it online. Is that Asus one good or would you recommend a different one? I can spend $5 more but I don't really want to go much higher than $60
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  1. It doesn't look like it will burn blue ray discs only dvd. It will read blue ray discs and dvd and cd but will only burn cd and dvd.
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  3. What would it cost for one that can write to blu-ray?
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  5. I might go with the asus just because it's cheaper

    This is the same asus burner for the same cost after rebate and free shipping, but newegg is throwing in some blank tdk blu ray media as well.

    I know you can get free burning/playback software online, but these bare drives ship without a sata data cable. Do you have an extra? If not, they are pretty cheap. you might even find a usable one in a pc given for free or discarded by the previous owner.
  7. Everybody has their own budget and what they can aford to spend and I usually tell people that you should get quality parts and sometimes that means spending a little more. If a company is selling a product for a lot less then its competitor then they had to cut corners someplac to make a cheaper price while the other company gives you a quality part that may end up lasting longer and because of that cost you less in the end if you have to replace the cheaper product.
    But not everyone has the luxury of buying the best product and they have to go with what thier budget allowes.
    You can also shop around some more and catch a sale or rebate. There are other blue ray drives also that may be in between these two.
  8. It's good you've never had a problem with an LG drive. You didn't say if you had any experience with an asus drive though.

    On amazon, the lg gets 4.0 out of 5 stars in 33 reviews. the asus gets 3.7 out of 29 reviews. here's the breakdown on newegg based on 140 reviews:
    5 eggs-75, 4 eggs-15, 3 eggs-21, 2 eggs-11, 1egg-18. The lg on amazon may or may not come with software(no big deal, but may save time searching for free software and downloading it). The asus seems to be a retail box vs the "bulk" lg and includes software(no word on a data cable, though).

    I guess the free blank media is just one 6x 25GB disk in a jewel case valued at 5 bucks. make of this info what you will.
  9. I just bought the newest blue ray drive burner and it came with software and a sata cable and a blank blue ray disc. But I guess it should for $90.
  10. It seems like the LG is $75.99 and the Asus is normally $79.99 but is on sale for $59.99, has a $20 rebate, and comes with the the blank discs. So it was originally about the same price as the LG according to newegg. Are you saying that Asus in general isn't as good as LG, or that specific Asus drive isn't as good as the LG, or just that you have the LG and it is working well for you? If the LG is better and worth the extra $40, I would consider it.
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  12. Since I haven't owned the Asus dvd drive and have only recently been using the LG then I can only say that the LG hace worked well for me and I have had three drives over the past 5 years. When a dvd drive stopped working in one of the other computers in the house I would take the LG drive out of my computer and put it in the computer that thier drive stopped working and bought a new LG for my computer. So far all three LG drives are still working. If the Asus drive is the same price as the LG and it drops to $59 with the rebate then maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to go with the Asus. If you want to spend a little more time going through feedback for he two drives then you can see if they come out similar in the feedback ratings.
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