My CD WRITER is slow and laggy

Hey, each time i try to burn or read a cd, my comp is slow and i can't read the file or whatever. I can't burn any cd or dvd's. I also can't open Nero burning or cd burner xp pro,

My computers specs :

six core processor 3.8 Ghz overclocked at 4.7

Graphic card : geforce Gtx 570

16 GB ram ripjaws @2333 MHZ

120gb SSD

2x1 TO hdd

Motherboard : Asus RoG Maximus extreme 5<

Thanks for your time :)
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    Must be a setting in the bios , which sata port do you have the dvd drive connected to ? What Operating System do you have ? Do you have an Intel system or AMD ?
  2. I don't know which sata port. My OS is window 7 ultimate x64

    My cpu is an Intel Core i7-3930K
    mother board asus
    graphic card nvidia

    My computer is brand new. Like 2 or 3 month old. It runs great until i use my cd or dvd writter
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  4. I took a look into my bios but i don't know exactly what i have to do
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