Bios updating problem!?

Hey guys I am using a Dell Studio XPS 435 MT motherboard and I need to update my bios. So I downloaded the update. But of course . . . the updater crashes. The bios update is only offered in a .exe format. What can I do? I even tried in safe mode!
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  1. I disable any boot block settings in the bios, plus windows firewalls before flashing. The dell bios may not have any bios protection settings; you'll just have to check. Why are you flashing the bios? Are you sure the new file will fix any issues? Most oem bios updates don't give you the option of new generation cpus, such as going from the old smithfield core to wolfdale core2 duos. If you keep having problems, it may be a blessing in discuise.
  2. My computer needs the update. It had improved fan curves and voltage management. My computers overheating do to it's ban fan curve.
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