Is 768 MB enough for 1920 x 1080?

Just wondering, is a 768 MB frame buffer on the GTX 460 enough to render at 1920 x 1080 without any major drawbacks? Not planning to get one anytime soon, but seeing as I doubt I'll upgrade my monitor for quite a while, I need to know whether 768 MB is enough - I know at 2560 x 1600 1 GB is definitely needed, and comparing the two there's a noticeable increase in some games, just wondering whether $30 warrants the upgrade to 1 GB if one intends to play at 1920 x 1080?
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  1. You'll be fine with a 460 at that res. the 1gb's have several other improvements as well as just the memory tho.

    Either look at the EVGA superclocked at 209.99 or the palit sonic platinum 1gb at 249.99 those are the two best GTX460s
  2. You should be fine with the 768, but I think that if you have the extra $30 it's definitely worth it. And I wouldn't get a Palit one as they are not as high quality as other brands. I would get an EVGA, MSI, or ASUS.
  3. @1920x1080 I would say the benefit is worth the cost. its not just memory as has already been mentioned the bus goes up from 192 to 256 bit as well which gives you more bandwidth.

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    The difference isn't much,but for $30 i say its worth it,because in some games especially when you turn AA/AF on,you will benefit from the extra memory.,2684-14.html
    "he smaller frame buffer hurts performance at high resolutions with AA turned on, and a narrower memory bus translates into less bandwidth, consequently slowing things down in the rest of our tests. I’d rather spend the extra $20 and get the faster card, quite frankly."
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