SSD boot drive file recovery

Is it possible to hook up a SSD that was previously used as a boot drive to an older PC to pull some files off of it?

I'll try to make a long story short, but I'm suspecting my current mobo has bit the dust. (well I'm doing a ton of troubleshooting, but I'm leading towards this worst case scenario) Now the SSD was the main boot drive and had a few programs that had save files on it that I'd like to recover. As far as I know, the drive itself is fine. The mobo won't get to post so I can't say for sure...

But anyways, I have an older EVGA 780i mobo that's still chugging (intel e8400 i believe). Would it be possible to hook up the SSD further down the SATA line (like sata port 4 or something, I want it to boot from it's own HD, not this SSD) and access it? Would I need to install the intel SSD drivers to do this or would it work without? I'm not concerned about speed, or being on a Sata 2 line, I would just like to get a few files off of it in preparation for worst case scenario wipe of it and reinstall of win7 if I do need to get a new mobo.


Oh, it's an intel 520 240gig SSD drive if it helps.

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  1. Cool, I'll check it out!

    I guess maybe I was over explaining... essentially my PC's mobo might be shot (completely different topic). This mobo is coupled with my SSD boot drive, and a secondary storage HD. The ssd should be completely fine.

    So I can't even boot with it at the moment (mobo issue). What I'd like to do, is take the SSD out (which was the boot drive and had only a couple of programs that stored some save files, which I want to recover) and plug it into my back up PC to see if I can access it to browse and copy/move those files.

    I'm just confused if I'll need to DL/install the intel drivers for the SSD on the old backup PC in order to read the SSD. or if I can just plug it in to a sata port and hopefully be able to browse it.

    But thanks for the knowledge!
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