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Hi all, i'm looking to get a new budget PC almost exclusively for gaming. This is my first built so let me know if anything is wrong or where improvement(In price or quality) can be made.

Here's the build that i came up with:

AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rana-- ($82)

ASRock AM3 AMD 770-140W 4DDR3/ATI CrossFireX --($60)

Patriot Memory Gaming Series 4 GB --($92)

Samsung 500 GB SATA II HDD--($52)

Antec ATX 12V 500W Power Supply--($55)

LG Electronics 22X SATA LightScribe DVD+/-RW--($30)

Xion AXP 100 Gaming Series Steel ATX--($55)

Asus ATI Radeon HD4870 1 GB DDR5 Graphics--($100 After Rebate)

All for $530
I'm trying to stay within $500 to $600 Budget.

Any and all advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.
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  1. $513AR
  2. Does that me my built is no good? My only problem with newegg is that i have to pay an extra $50 for tax. Is Nvidia the way to go even with an AMD rig?
  3. You run into some issues with using SLI on an AMD rig because it has to have an nVidia chipset in order to SLI(2 cards at once)

    Just looking at your list I'd bump every item against newegg.com. I understand that tax can be a pain, but when you're getting a 22x DVD-RW drive for 30 bucks, when you can get the same from newegg for 20-22 the tax isn't really going to matter. More importantly, most of the time you can combo newegg and save the equivalent of tax+some. As seen in batuchka's build. Combo combo combo.
  4. The lower end Fermis (specifically GTX 460) i have no issues recommending but once u go higher end it's HD 5870 time hehe
  5. Still taking under consideration that i'm on a budget, would it be better to get a 5770 for $160 OR 4870 for $100.

    I want to lean toward the 5770 because i am possibly considering running a crossfire in the future and that would be impossible with the 4870 since they are slowly becoming extinct.

    But from a single card perspective, a 5770 or 4870?
  6. Where are you buying a 5770 for 160$ IMO 140$ or less is normal, and 120 isn't uncommon.
  7. For crossfire you need a crossfire mobo. That "CrossFireX" mobo is not crossfire actually, the two PCIex16 slots must run minimum x8, both of them. That one runs x16 and x4, the second is too low.
  8. If i crossfire, i was definatley planning on doing it with a different mobo. 5770 OR 4870? Which would be better as a single card.
  9. If u already had a HD 4870 then a 2nd one if u could nab it cheap makes sense but hitting 2 x HD 4870s for CF now would be inefficient as the HD 5K series are way more better in that dept.and in any case i suggest a single beefy GPUs olution actually ^^
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