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I just reinstalled Windows on a new SSD. I transferred all the files I wanted to keep from my old C: drive (640GB used of 1TB) to my other HDD (2TB, nearly full after moving the files) so I could format the old C:. Transferring files between these two drives gives me speeds from 6-8MB/sec. I can transfer files between these drives and the SSD at over 100MB/sec simultaneously. The slowdown seems to only occur when transferring files between these two drives.

Any input on what might be causing this? I'm thinking something software related? My computer is plenty powerful for this task:
3.5 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 (overclocked from 3.2 GHz) CPU usage is no more than 15% with other programs running (but not using the HDDS for any significant read/writes)
ASRock 770 Extreme 3 MOBO (HDDS on SATAII and SSD on SATA3, however switching either HDD to SATA3 connector makes no difference.
WIN7 Ultimate

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Are all the drives internal drives?
  2. kenrivers said:
    Are all the drives internal drives?

    Yes, all are internal and all plug directly into the motherboard.
  3. I read somewhere that you should check to see if the drives are in ACHI mode and not IDE mode. This is done through the BIOS. Not sure if this will help but you could try running CCleaner on those drives to wipe free space. You can go options>settings>check the drives and then click the box below to wipe MFT free space. This only wipes free space.
  4. Thanks, but they're in ACHI mode and CCleaner made very little difference, if any.
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    I'm still searching for an answer to help you. Have you tried defragging the drives? Transfer speeds are likely to be slower on heavily fragmented drives.
  6. Would it help to narrow down the problem if you were to time the transfer of files from C: to C:, and from 2TB to 2TB?
  7. Defragging sped it up slightly, up to around 10MB/sec. I can live with it like this. I will rarely, if ever, transfer files between these drives. One is for programs that don't fit on the SSD, the other is for storage. Don't want ya to waste too much time for me, I was just hoping it was a quick and easy fix. Thanks for all the help!

    fzabkar, you mean the time it takes to copy files to the same drive? It's almost instant.
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