M4N68T-M LE V2 + Athlon II 210e x2 Unloking HELP

PC Spec:
AMD A2 210e x2 2.6Gz
Asus model w/ core unlocker
2GB 1333mhz GT240 512mb DDR5
700w Generic (Quadrail 10Amps)

I unlocked the 3core of my 210e and the cmos bios identify it as 910e but the CPUz and Task Manager only reads 3 cores

(add info: CORE TEMP Reads it as A2 410e x3 RANA but the unsual thing is, in google search, 410e model in A2 400 series is not on the list)

I try to test the procie using prime95 but i cant find a temp monitor software that supports 410e so i cancel the process for now..

Program use and no temp reading
Core Temp
Real Core (didn't worked at all)
CPU Thermometer

1. Should I continue unlocking procedure to get the real 910e x4 (This thing need the communities help)
2. Should I proceed unlocking the core with the incomplete testing the stability (Taking the Risk)
3. Leave it be for good (Stays Poor but safe)

Any Reasonable help or wise opinion are greatly appreciated...
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  1. It won't hurt anything to try. If you get a bad core, the system won't post. If this happens, just remove the board battery with the system off for about one minute, then reinstall. The bios settings will reset. Some boards will let you select each core. If three is all you can run, that's ok; leave the 4th core off.
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