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External hard drive not fully recognized by Win 7

December 5, 2012 1:34:12 AM

Hi All,

I'm running Win 7 Pro. I recently got a 500gb 2.5" external hard drive (EHD). I also have an EHD caddy with a USB interface. When I plug this EHD into my Win 7 (using the USB cable) the EHD shows up with an icon and drive letter in Windows Explorer. But when I try to open the drive, the system hangs and I have to reboot. The system will not shut down fully unless I remove the drive.

I essentially get the same problem when I plug the EHD drive into my Linux (Ubuntu) box. It shows up in the Linux file explorer but cannot be opened.

I ran SpinRite Level 2 on the EHD and no bad sectors were found.

I'm thinking I have to reformat the drive somehow, but because of this problem I can't reformat it in Win 7 or Linux. Is there some way to boot into a DOS environment where I can do a reformat? Or do you think I should try some other solution? Any ideas what the problem is?

Do you need any other details? Thanks!