A question about the ATI 5770.

Hello, :pfff:

With all your great help guys (thanks again :p ) Ive bought my Ati 5770, and its now coming in the mail. Though i have one question. whats the difference between

I bought the, i guess non-incased version. Sorry if i sound nooby :??: , but i want to know if theres a big differnce or anything. Thanks yet again! ;)
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    The first version is based on ATi's heatsink design, and expels warm air out of the case. The second link is an XFX non-reference design which has similar cooling capability, however, expels warm air into the case which may also heat up other components.
  2. Its a differant take on the egg cooler that was first used on the 4770 as far as i know. As well as not venting teh air outside the case i guess it is cheaper to make.

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