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Do I need another case fan?

Hey again

Thinking of bying msi 460 cyclone gpu. Its known for its low temperatures during idle and load and its quiet. I think its 40 idle and max 70 during load.

So with that card do I need to have a extra air intake on the sidepanel?

Now I have 1 front intake and 1 back exhaust+the psu.
Will that be enough?

When do u actually need to have extra case fans? should u have the cpu, motherboard temp as low as u can. Or is all this fans more for overclocker who push their systems?

It is right to say that if all my temps are within normal values then I dont need extra fan?
(fans makes noise, and I want as least as possible of it :) )
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    Extra fans couldn't hurt, but no you shouldn't actually need them since you already have both an intake and exhaust. Basically cooler is always better for electronics-- so many people add fans just for the health of the system.

    I would say try it, and see how hot things get. You can always add the extra fan later.
  2. my GTX 460 cyclone won't break 50c at load and the side panel fan actually makes it run hotter since it breaks up my case's airflow.
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  4. thanks both of u!
  5. The answer depends on:

    1) Are you overclocking your CPU ? This creates additional heat which needs to be exhausted.

    2) Are you over clocking your GPU's ? This creates additional heat which needs to be exhausted.

    3) How many fans are in the case besides the "optional one" ? To get the heat out, choice between small number of fans spinning fast and noisy or large number of fans spinning slow and quiet.

    If you building an enthusiast's box (25% + OC - 2 -4 GFX cards) with an enthusiast's Full Tower case (HAF-X, HAF-932, 1200 OR DF-85), I wouldn't add the optional door fan unless I was doing SLI / X-fire.

    Put twin GFX, Hi OC into a mid tower (HAF 922 / Antec 900x) and that advice will hold but try and squeeze that into a smaller case such as the Illusion of 912 and you better add the optional fans.

    A "bread and butter" retail PC for office work will survive with what it came with. Add gaming and add the fans.
  6. Thanks ltdata!
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