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Hey I have a quick question with hopefully a quick answer(ok slightly detailed answer). I built a new computer and installed win7 on an a new SSD and I have added my old hard drive. Do the programs need to be reinstalled on the old hard drive? Programs like word, powerpoint, dropbox... etc... basically anything executable will not open off the old HDD. Is there a quick fix for this without saving important files on external HDD, cleaning everything off the old HDD, then readding the files and reinstalling programs to the old HDD? Thanks
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  1. Most programs will require a fresh install as some of the .dll files required for execution are stored in Windows subfolders such as the System32 folder. You can install the programs on the old hard drive but you may need to create a Program Files folder first and a Program Files (x86) folder if you are running the 64 bit version of Windows 7.
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